Duckor & Associates is a management consulting firm and change strategist.  Through the creation of bold yet practical strategic plans, we help shape and transform organizations so they can achieve what they envision.

Tumultuous financial times create the opportunity to think conventionally or unconventionally. We probably need to do both. Challenging times give us the gift of opportunity to assess our organization from top to bottom -- candidly and thoroughly.

Let's take this opportunity to embrace the bold changes that we need to make in order to grow our organizations profitably through objective feedback, solid planning, and customer-driven processes that deliver on your mission each and every day.

Please let us know how we might help you or another organization in your network navigate through these choppy waters.

Fund Development

Directed a business case for Minnesota International Center that laid a foundation for increased capital funding opportunities

Developed a fund development plan for Minnesota Land Trust that expanded fundraising capacity including well-designed processes

Multi-disciplinary Strategic Thinking and Planning Directed and developed a strategic plan with Minnesota Land Trust that charted the course for mission-driven growth
Organizational Design Assessed and designed a Roadmap for Success for two regional public libraries in Minnesota that moves them toward a sustainable future

Process Analysis and Redesign

Redesigned informational processes for three departments at the League of Minnesota Cities that enhanced the overall service to members and reduced internal inefficiencies


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