Library Sector Practice


As you know, no two library systems are alike.  Each has its own community and customers to serve; each has a different infrastructure and financial base; each has specific opportunities and preferences; each is at its own stage of growth and readiness for change.

The following questions will help you determine how comprehensive your planning process needs to be (incremental or full-scale).

  1. Do you have a visionary strategy that is known to all?
  2. Are people within and outside the library committed to it?
  3. Is your library valued in the community, being perceived as significant and worthy in the minds of the public?
  4. Can the library effectively compete for public funds, when taxes are being redirected for ever-increasingly public safety, public education, public transportation and other infrastructure priorities?
  5. Is your current strategic plan owned at all levels of the institution including customers and the community-at-large?
Please call Duckor & Associates to discuss how we can help you achieve any or all of the above needs.