• Strategy Formulation and Planning:
       Business, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service
       and Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Product and Service Development: Concept to Launch
  • Customer Contact Process Analysis and Assessment
  • Community and Economic Development Strategy and Design
  • Non-profit Board and Staff Development, Strategy and Governance.
Duckor & Associates is a management strategist consulting firm that combines visionary development and market-oriented planning with practical tactics to help lead, shape and transform an organization in the public, private, nonprofit and government sectors.  We work with organizations who want to effect managed change.

For board members and executives of small- to medium-size organizations who are motivated to embrace their next stage of growth, Duckor & Associates offers solutions that are original and individually tailored to each client. Simply stated, we help organizations realize their potential of success.

At Duckor & Associates, we leverage over thirty years of in-depth and multi-disciplinary corporate and business experience into a consultancy that serves organizations in need of an outsider's perspective and expertise. Once strategic clarity is established, Duckor & Associates leads organizations to realize their defined strategy, by continuing to consult throughout the tactical implementation of action-driven solutions.

We are a business consulting firm that helps move an organization from its current performance to a higher degree of performance through defined strategy and disciplined tactics.

NEW SERVICE: Library Sector Practice