Leverage thirty years of corporate and business experience into a consultancy serving small- to medum-size successful organizations in need of an outsider's expertise to bring strategic clarity to the organization.

Once strategy is established, Duckor & Associates ultimately leads organizations to realize their defined strategy by continuing to consult throughout the tactical implementation of action-driven solutions.

    Statement of Purpose

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments that lead to the creation of organizational and business solutions.
  • Make available to small- medium-size organizations the best of corporate America's knowledge through the creation of practical, effective, and hands-on tactical solutions.
  • Work collaboratively; to make decisions together so that the client experiences ownership of those decisions.
  • Lead, motivate, and positively affect client teams with insight, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Mobilize strategic partnerships at the local, regional and national level to bring the right expert to the client.
  • Make strategy real through bottom-line results.